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Taunting | Chibi Robbie and Chibi Alexis  by GarnetsDaughter Taunting | Chibi Robbie and Chibi Alexis :icongarnetsdaughter:GarnetsDaughter 1 0


Red Hood by TVegapunk Red Hood :icontvegapunk:TVegapunk 130 23
Overwatch x Reader - We need you - Chapter 2
"So I'm warlord?" You asked Tracer with a worried face. 
"We don't know, we do not know the elements of Warlord or the function. All we know you are a requirement for the project. You could have information, we don't know. All we know is we need to protect you. That is a first priority at this precise moment." Tracer Explained. "So far we haven't got any plans but we hope to figure something out. Winston is still calling upon as many of those who were apart of overwatch. the mean time, this isn't the safe place. We plan to move destinations every few days until we come up of something. I hope that's ok with you." 
"Hey Tracer, Can you tell me anything about Harold Winston at all?" You asked. 
"I'm sorry, I don't know a lot. Winston will definitely know something!" She scratched her head. 
"Can I see him?" You asked. 
"Sure, Love! As long as you are ok to stand?" She asked. You nodded your head as you stood up; she took your hand into hers and began running. Tra
:iconcheshireland:Cheshireland 103 35
Overwatch x reader - We need you - Chapter 1
You awoke to a bright light and a throbbing head. It felt like your body was enduring a hangover and all you wanted to do is throw up and go back to sleep. You felt what you have consumed coming back up again. You quickly looked around what seemed to be a surgery room to find that desired bucket you required but there was none. The substance was approaching your mouth. 
"Here, love" Out of no where a Cockney accent appeared beside you holding a bucket in front of your mouth. You spewed into the bucket without hesitation. Once your stomach was empty you tried to gasp for air. "It's alright, love. Just a cause from a concussion. Nothing to fear though! Mercy can fix you up no probs!" The spiky haired girl exclaimed. You looked at her with confusion. "OH! Where are my manners? I'm Tracer!" Tracer introduced herself. 
"I'm (f/n)" You replied.
"(f/n) huh? Well welcome to the super super secret hideout of Overwatch!" She jumped around.
"This is Overwatch? It was abolished, r
:iconcheshireland:Cheshireland 143 35
Overwatch x Reader - We need you - Prologue
The smell of smoke filled the air, ash fell from the clouds as the city of London burnt like hell. People screamed, people cried and people ran. You could run no more. You felt exhausted. You looked to your right to read the road sign. "King's Row" it read. You got out your phone to text for help. It was no use. The phone had smashed in your pocked and was no more than pieces. 
You feared you would die here and now, at the age of 18. You wondered what have you done in life to make a difference? Nothing. You made no difference to the world. Your father did, but you didn't. Your (e/c) eyes became teary. You picked yourself up and began to run again. You ran to the nearest underground where many civilians took cover. It protected us once, it can do it again.
The explosion aftermath caused vibrations down in the humid underground station. Everyone coward together as people would slowly get on trains to safety. People were being humans and shoved each other to make sure they or their f
:iconcheshireland:Cheshireland 173 141
A Stranger I Remain (Widowmaker x Reader)
Watch Me Gallery
All Overwatch Fanfictions are set in the same universe, unless otherwise stated. Multiple stories with the same character (i.e., Tracer) will all be connected. The Reader is the same one from story to story (With the one specific character), so it will develop a story while still being just a collection of one-shots. 
Information on the Reader Used in the story: Here!
Warning(s): Song
Title: A Stranger I Remain 
Pairing: Amélie Lacroix x Reader
Fandom: Overwatch
Word Count: 1,513
I've come here to save you
And I can already taste the kill
Like caressing an angel
Burning up in the atmos
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 34 3
Mature content
Comebacks |Widowmaker X F! Reader| |SMUT| :iconsuaveauthor:SuaveAuthor 27 3
One For Overwatch, Zero For Talon |Tracer X Read|
You pressed a hand to the comms device snugly fitted to your ear, "Everything's clear here." You said, eyes scanning your location as your team was putting a stop to a payload.
"Good luck, love!" Lena, "Tracer", your girlfriend chirped.
"You too, hon --" You were cut off by a bullet grazing your arm, "Shit." You muttered, turning on your heels and gazing up into golden eyes. You flipped the bird at Widowmaker before your plan of action popped into your head. You made your way around the building where she was currently situated at and began climbing it. You quietly and efficiently made your way towards her, pressing the barrel of your silenced pistol against her head.
The assassin cursed in French under her breath and before you could react, a smoke bomb was at your feet and detonating. You jogged out the smoke, catching a glimpse of Widowmaker making her escape. You launched yourself across rooftops after her, and as she was about to home in on Tracer, you tackled her out of the sky.
:iconsuaveauthor:SuaveAuthor 45 14



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Taunting | Chibi Robbie and Chibi Alexis
This is my first post and I think it would be best to start off with this. This is me and my best friend in our chibi form of an Anime that we made up, she actually wanted to be a boy so I made her as a guy which she named Robbie(the left one) her hair changes color with mood. And then there's me (the right one) my chibi is a girl who is a tomboy named Alexis, she is a Werewolf who is not ONLY just able to morph into both wolf versions (human-like wolf and dog-like wolf) but also has the ability to morph into ANY predatory animal (Mythical and Real)


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I love Anime, Steven Universe, and several video games.

Anime: Black Butler, Fairy Tail, Parasite: The Maxim, Prisma Illya, Yuri, Yaoi

Games: Overwatch, Pokémon, Monster Hunter


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